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About Us

Imani’s Place is a project of the Imani Foundation. Imani’s place was started in 2019 by Lisa Ogbole who has lived experience of domestic violence. Imani’s place centers on the experiences of Black Women survivors who are subjected to systemic and domestic violence and are often less likely to be adequately supported. Lisa understood when she created this organization, she understood that Black women were marginalized in many shelters/transitional housing programs that lacked culturally specific support. Her vision was to create a safe space for black women to feel confident in the support they receive. Black women survivors feel the connection with Imani’s place because we understand the emotional and psychological trauma that they go through. Our staff helps them evaluate their options and make future plans. With a critical understanding of violence against Black women. Imani’s place is a unique program and one of the very few in Ontario

Our Unique Model for Support

Imani’s Place is different from other women’s shelters in several important ways.

  1. This is a survivor-led organization which means we truly understand the emotional and physiological trauma our clients have endured. We use this understanding to build deep connections with the women who join us. We also embody the possibility of a happy and safe life after abuse.
  2. We provide long-term accommodation and support. We support women for up to 2 years. Our extended-stay model is important because physical and psychological injurie of abuse take time to heal. The important work of healing must be underway when beginning to move forward with things like education, housing, and employment. Imani’s Place is a traditional home that is program intensive.
  3. We provide a safe place for marginalized women. Imani’s Place is a Black-led organization. The women here don’t need the extra burden of dealing with discrimination or racism as they focus on their recovery and future.


To build a community free from violence, where all are safe and can live healthy and productive lives


To provide right and culturally sensitive support and services that will protect and rehabilitate
victims of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different


Imani’s Place operates within a set of core values that include respect, equity, authenticity,
compassion and honestly


Years of







What We Do?

As a transitional housing organization Imani’s place provides many services:

  1. We work to provide a safe and secure shelter with one to one counselling that assists women in meeting their goals.
  2. Life skills and mental health programming is implemented through workshops and hands-on learning experiences.
  3. The women who stay at Imani’s Place are provided with meals, clothing, and personal necessities
  4. Where necessary Imani’s Place will provide Therapeutic interventions to address emotional, behavioural and mental health difficulties
  5. We work together as an organization and as a community to provide opportunities that empower the residents who stay with us.
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Our Supporters

At Imani’s Place we rely on people, organizations, corporations for their support each year to provide our young women with the services they need to keep them safe, supported and provided with the chance for a better tomorrow. We are grateful to receive support from so many partners and community members!